Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Today has been a rather wet and miserable day; the plan was to go for a picnic, but not fancying a soggy bottom, we opted for a day in.

Poppy has recently really started enjoying mark making and colouring {and thankfully has stopped 'decorating' the walls for me}.

This week, I launched Doodle Pop! on Instagram, after lots of lovely encouragement from my followers, after putting up a picture of a doodle I did for Poppy's bedroom.

Since then,  I have spent my evenings doodling away, creating personalised doodles for my first few orders. {Eeeek!}

Poppy has wanted to 'help' me on several occasions this week as I've been drawing tiny dinosaurs or woodland creatures, so today as we were stuck inside, I did a rainy day doodle for her to colour. If you'd like to keep your little ones occupied for a little while, whilst we wait for summer to arrive, it can be downloaded here.

Poppy is still to master the lines but she enjoyed adding to mummy's drawing and talking about all the little pictures she could see.

So if you are stuck inside with little ones to entertain, I hope this gives you time to grab a cup of tea and get five minutes peace.

Happy colouring!

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