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One of the many jobs I had for the summer, whilst off work, was to make a patchwork quilt for my little {not so little} bump. When I was pregnant with both Poppy and Jordan, I made them each a blanket; Jordan's is very much falling apart but is still well-loved and in the last 6 months or so, Poppy has become quite attached to her 'pankerlet'. I hope that all three of my little ones will still have their blankets when they are preparing for their own families-no pressure to make them nice enough to want to keep and well enough to stand the test of time!

As soon as I found out I was having a boy, I got to searching for fabric to make a patchwork quilt. 
I found the most gorgeous bundle of fat quarters on thehomemakery.co.uk , perfect for a winter baby. I decided to order some of the designs from the bundle, as well as a few other patterned fabrics in greys and greens. 

I've used Homemakery in the past and the fabric has always been such wonderful quality, and has always arrived so quickly after ordering. 

For the past few weeks my beautiful far quarters have been sat on a shelf in the living room, waiting for the summer holidays to come. And of course, as luck would have it, the first week of the break has been wet and gloomy- perfect weather for staying in and getting on with with making. 

I made a 15cm squared template from card, allowing for 1cm sem allowance. I used a disappearing fabric marker to draw the lines of the squares before cutting them out. I got 8 squares per fat quarter as I wanted to keep a little of each fabric for a few other little projects. With my 80 squares cut, I was ready to start sewing. 

I arranged the squares on the kitchen floor first, to make sure I was happy with the order and didn't have too many of the same design or colour near each other. 

Once I was happy with the layout, I took a photo {just in case I needed to refer to it later} and then ironed and pinned each 'column' of squares. 

With the squares pinned in place, I dusted off my sewing machine and started stitching them together. By the end of this stage, I had 8 strips of squares, each one 10 squares down. They could then be sewn together to make the patchwork part of my patchwork quilt.

The next stage was a little more tricky, mainly because anything which involves bending down is quite tricky at the moment.
I had to layer the backing fabric, {I chose 100% white cotton} the wadding {4oz was thick enough} and finally, on top, the patchwork. It then needed to be pinned together. I found that taping the edges of the two far of the corners of the cotton to the floor made sure that it didn't move too much as I pinned each column; I folded the blanket over onto itself so I didn't have to reach across too far, after the first three or four rows were pinned.

With it all pinned in place, I stitched down the vertical lines of the patchwork. I'm not the biggest fan of the crazy paving quilted look, but of course that could always be an option. I just wanted to secure the fabrics together, and with such pretty patterns on the patchwork fabrics, I really didn't see the point in quilting over them.

I also stitched all the way around the edge of the blanket to ensure they all three layers were fixed together when it came to putting the edging on.

The last step was to put the edging on; I used 5 meters of 50mm bias binding. I pinned it all in place, and used this tutorial to ensure the corners were nice and neat.

With the final stiches made, it was all finished and ready for the arrival of my little one, just a few weeks before Christmas.

I already have a few other projects in mind that I want to make for him, I'm not sure how they will turn out just yet, but watch this space and I may well have a few more easy makes for you to try for your little ones.

For a quilt measuring approximately 130cmx70cm I used:

10 fat quarters of patterned fabric (cut into 80 15cm squared squares)
1.4 metres cotton backing fabric
1.4 metres 4oz wadding
5 metres of 50mm bias binding

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