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After I had my daughter, Poppy, two and a bit years ago, I thought that I was done with the whole child bearing business and just had to focus on keeping the two I already have alive. So whenever Poppy got too big for something, or I realised that I really didn’t need every fancy baby gadget that I had either bought or been given, I gave them away. I didn’t anticipate having a need for them again in the future. But someone, somewhere had different plans for me; and now that I am nearly half way done with cooking my last bun {and this time it will be the last one!} I have begun to realise that I don’t actually have very much at all.

The few pieces of clothes that I did keep of Poppy’s are of no use as, whilst I have no objection to boys in pink, I think I would be pushing it to put my little boy baby in her flowery, pink baby grows and frilly summer dresses.

So the search for baby essentials has begun. And by essentials, I really am just going to buy what we really need. I mean in Finland, you are sent home with a cardboard box and pretty much good to go. In the years since 1938, when they were first introduced, the boxes contents have changed slightly but essentially, they offer new mums all they need to take their little bundle home. The box given to mums now contains:

§  Mattress, mattress cover, under sheet, duvet cover, blanket, sleeping bag/quilt
§  Box itself doubles as a crib
§  Snowsuit, hat, insulated mittens and booties
§  Light hooded suit and knitted overalls
§  Socks and mittens, knitted hat and balaclava
§  Bodysuits, romper suits and leggings in unisex colours and patterns
§  Hooded bath towel, nail scissors, hairbrush, toothbrush, bath thermometer, nappy cream, washcloth
§  Cloth nappy set and muslin squares
§  Picture book and teething toy
§  Bra pads, condoms

Looking down the list, there are certainly some things that I will need to adjust; I’m not sure I will need a balaclava (unless it is for me to wear to cover, what I am presuming will be, a very tired, unmade up face for the first few weeks of life with a new born and a toddler). Condoms are a wishful thought, I am pretty sure I will have no need for them in the weeks and months after birth and when that time does arrive, I am going to be so full of anti-pregnancy hormone that the strongest of swimmers will fail. But the rest is pretty much on my tick list for the arrival of baby no. 3.

Although I do quite like the idea of using a cardboard box as his first bed, I fear that Poppy will want to join in the cardboard box bedtime action and I have only just managed to get her to sleep in her ‘big girl bed’. I’m not sure I can cope with being faced with her toy boxes being emptied every night and the tantrum as to why she can’t sleep in a box, like her baby brother.

So I am going to be a little less Nordic and a little more conventional-I'm opting for a Moses basket. 
Over the last few weeks I have been looking at different possibilities; who would have thought there were so many?! If you thought a basket is a basket is a basket, you are mistaken. 

My search started relatively tamely with  just a slight twist on the traditional wicker number. I really like this grey felt nest from Mokee and it is definitely  a strong contender. The Wool Nest looks so snug and cosy, as well as being super soft. Best of all, it zips together so even the most clueless DIYer can figure this one out. I love the bold handle colours { there's a choice of Pumpkin Neon Orange, Summer Dash, Pink Mallow and, my favourite, Azure Drop}.

And then of course, as so often happens, Pinterest took hold and I whiled away quite some time getting further 'inspiration'.

I love this hanging baby nest designed by Oszkar Vagi, inspired by the a baby's time in the womb, but I fear that whilst my DIY skills stretch to putting up a shelf and dubious re-sealing of the bathtub, I do not trust my ability to secure something which will cradle a baby. And I'm pretty sure that even if I did manage to get it in position, it wouldn't be long until it, and Poppy, were in a heap on the floor as I'm sure she is probably too big to use it as a swing, and that would inevitable become its principle use. 

As my search carried on, I came across these futuristic numbers by Cascara...

And for the more patriotic...

I decided I needed to tame my search as little, whilst it does at times feel like a little alien wiggling around in there, I don't think my home interior is quite up to space age chic. 

Then I came across this modern twist of the Moses basket by Moba. I love the different colours they come in, ranging from dove grey to raspberry-perfect for a little boy or girl and I'm pretty sure one could be found to compliment any nursery.

I also love that they are completely cleanable, not just because of any explosions of nappies but I'm pretty sure Poppy's grubby little mitts will be all over it as she attempts to wake him up, play with him, or, if past experiences with friends' new babies are anything to go by, pile lots of toys in there for him. 
The mattress is also included and it is fully ventilated and hypoallergenic-perfect for those little ones with sensitive skin. 

A few weeks ago on Instagram, the lovely Susie Verill teamed up with Tilly and Cub to do a give away of the most beautiful basket. {And even though I didn't win, I'm so glad I saw the post as they are some of the most unique and gorgeous little baby beds.}

They are hand woven in West Africa, using non-toxic plant dyes, providing fair trade employment. Money from each basket sold is donated Afrikids and Sands Charity, supporting the communities where the baskets are made and those affected by stillbirths.  
I just love everything about these baskets. 

The last few I looked at are out of my budget, but they deserve a mention, either for their beautiful design {as is the case in the first two} or the unbelievable price tag for the last. 

I absolutely 'heart eye emoji' the design of this Monte-Rockwell bassinet; I like to believe it would fit in perfectly in my home. It is a beautiful combination of materials and design, enabling a smooth rocking motion. It is all handcrafted and more importantly for a new mum, the cover is machine-washable!

Pod Cot is another example of great design and a distinctive modern look. The clear acrylic sides mean you can see right in and makes checking on baby {ten million times, just in case} much easier.

And as bubba gets bigger, it converts into a toddler bed-the bed which just keeps on giving.

The last bed which I wanted to share was more for the oh-my-goodness-I-can't-believe-it-costs-that-much factor. The Dodo Bassinet gold edition is yours for a mere 38,000 Euros.

Can't quite stretch that far? No worries, the white edition is only 12,000 Euros; as my dad would say, I'll take two of them!

With all things considered, including my lack of billionaire husband and dubious DIY skills, I think the choice is between the Mokee, Tilly and Cub and the Moba; I love the hint of colour of the Mokee and it looks so comfy but the appeal of the wipe clean Moba is also very tempting. Needless to say the Tilly and Cub baskets are just beautiful, I am eagerly awaiting their online store to open.

 I have a little while left yet to decide, although I am already half way through cooking my little Christmas pud and so far have...hmmmm, nothing ready. But at least I have narrowed my options...just as long as I stay off of Pinterest. 

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