Monday, 29 May 2017


This weekend Poppy and I went to look at some of the floral displays in Chelsea which were there to celebrate the Chelsea Flower Show. I've never been to the show, although I would love to one day. I will probably have to dose up on all the hay fever tablets though, as just driving past-with the car windows open-caused me to sneeze a gazilion times.

Poppy loved all the animals, even if she was quite dissatisfied that there were no penguins. I tried to explain that penguins do not live on the safari but sometimes it's just easier to suggest we 'just keep looking' for the elusive penguins.

We started off in Sloane Square where we found an elephant, crocodile and hippo.

'He's going to bite my finger!'

Of course Poppy was more interested in the flamingos, which were not made of flowers-even though she didn't stop talking about seeing the flowers all the way there.

Then we strolled along Symon Street to find a rhino, and then on to find a lion and purple giraffe, although she would not accept it was a giraffe because they aren't purple, of course.

Making our way onto the King's Road we passed Kiehl's, where the shop assistant was taking down the last of their floral display. He kindly offered Poppy some flowers to take home and whilst he gave them some much needed water and put them in a bag, I had the chance to do a little bit of shopping. Great marketing ploy!
I am not very green fingered, in fact I have managed to kill every plant I have ever owned. I now stick to cacti and species of flora which do not need a lot of attention, or water, as I always forget until they are looking worse for wear.
The three little potted plants we rescued from the last of Chelsea in Bloom looked very much like a plant I might own. I said I would attempt to rescue them, knowing full well that the little suckers didn't stand much chance at all. However, I am going to try my best to bring the little guys back to life, even if it is until I forget to water them again.

 At least they could get no worse!

Two days later, looking a little healthier already...

We continued to walk along the King's Road and stopped off to see these two beautiful lions, they really were stunning. By this point, Poppy wanted to find a tiger so had thankfully forgotten about the penguins.

On our way back to the car, we passed some giraffes, which passed Poppy's giraffe criteria test, and she quite happily stood there in awe of them for some time {probably annoying the passers by who wanted to snap the perfect pic for their instagram-sorry}.

And not wanting to flood my instagram with all the photos {I'm sure there are only so many flowery animals and toddler pics some of my followers can bear}, here are a few more, if floral safaris are your thing.

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