Monday, 10 April 2017


Today Last Tuesday, was a very productive day; after picking up Pops from nursery and a pit stop in Crystal Palace Park to see the dinosaurs, we went home to get crafty. {I thought she would be more interested in the prehistoric monsters than she was. As it turned out, the gravel on the footpath was much more exciting. I let her play in it, to prevent a full on tantrum, despite a few disapproving mummy glances-whose children were still unable to talk or move independently..you just wait, I thought! I did draw the line when she started to, or attempted to, eat it though.}

This was when she first saw the dinosaurs; her awe and wonder lasted for about 5 minutes...

...then she discovered the gravel!

When we got home and whilst Poppy drew on every scrap of paper with her new flamingo pen-an impulsive buy to prevent yet another meltdown in a shop with far too many ceramic nic-nacs to risk it-I had three jobs to do: spray paint the alphabet fridge magnets; print, frame and hang some prints in my bedroom; draw the outline of a suitcase on a box {it will become clearer, promise}.

I've had blue alphabet letters on the fridge for a while now, and every time I looked at them I wished they weren't blue. Not that I have anything against blue, just they weren't really in keeping with he theme of my kitchen.

Then it dawned on me. Spray paint them! I don't know why I hadn't thought of it sooner as it is a little 'making things pretty' trick I have used quite a few times in the past.

I started by testing the paint on just one letter first; I opted for X as I figured, if it went terribly wrong, I probably would need that less than an A or an E. And it didn't go great. Whilst the paint says it is for plastics, it wasn't adhering very well, it was almost running off the edges.
So of course that meant I had to sand each one of the little things. I hadn't realised until doing this that I had a favourite letter; turns out lowercase L and I are my favourites- for no other reason than they were the easiest to sand and had no little nooks, crannies or holes, which are not helpful when sanding tiny plastic letters.
With sanding complete, I just had to spray them with the paint and transformation was complete. I probably should have taken them outside to spray them, as I did set the smoke alarm off, but to go outside I would have had to passed Poppy. If she had seen me going outside with magnets and spray paint, a job which took 5 minutes would have ended with one, or both of us, in tears-and probably a shade of copper. I thought the risk of solvent poisoning was worth taking.

I'm pretty chuffed with how they turned out...so much so that I have ordered three more packs of magnetic letters off of ebay. Yay! More sanding of tiny letters!

The next quick job was to finish off a project I started months ago. I'm not sure why I didn't just finish it all at the time, although I do have a two year old, so that is probably the reason. In the lapsing time, I managed to lose the black Promarker I used for the other three boxes, so when my new one arrived, I really had to get the job done {before I lost this one too}.

I foolishly started drawing the outline on the box in front of Poppy. She then of course wanted to draw with her, please-don't-have-a-tantrum-have-what-you-want, flamingo pen on one of the other boxes. With some quick distraction, involving telling mummy off for drawing on the box and then finding her some scrap of paper to draw on, I made a quick escape to the kitchen to finish off the long awaited projected. The next job will be to actually sort out what is in those boxes as I'm pretty sure they are full of things which didn't really have a home, so ended up in the box graveyard. But for now, that job can wait.

My final productive task of the day was to print and frame a few quotes for my bedroom.

Sometimes, you  just need a little reminder that everything will be fine and to just get on with shit...and being a mum, that inevitably involves having a messy bun. Maybe once a week I'll get the chance to actually blow-dry my hair so it looks half way decent, the rest of the time it's tied up in something which resembles more of a nest than a styled do.

So my productive day ended with attempting to write this post...I got half way through and then being a mum took over. It's now nearly a week later and I am finally finishing it off and getting it posted! I'm sure there is some irony in there somewhere!

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