Sunday, 26 February 2017


There have been quite a few moments in my life where I have felt as though it has been a snapshot from a romcom movie...sadly never a proposal on London Bridge or someone standing at my front door with a monologue written on large pieces of card, telling me how much they love me. There was the time where I went for a drink in The Globe, ironically the pub that Bridget Jones lived above, and after about 10 minutes my date quite frankly told me he wasn't interested and left to go and watch the football with his friends. I guess he just wasn't that into me.

Most recently, I had my own 'Holiday' moment where I woke up on a Saturday morning and booked flights to New York for the next day! Sometimes you just need to get away from everything! The trouble with booking such a last minute flight is there is no time to do certain things, like apply for a visa! Not knowing the new protocol, had my friend not told me about the fact I had to apply to visit the Big Apple, I would have turned up at Heathrow, only to be turned away. Thankfully, the Visa Gods smiled down on me and my application was accepted within the hour.

So with everything sorted, I made my way to the city that never sleeps all by myself. It was the first time I had travelled alone however, it was just what I needed; sort of like my own Eat. Pray. Love. journey, except it was more like Eat. Drink. Shop.

I knew that it was going to be cold when I arrived (I did think to check the weather at least, prior to booking) but I wasn't expecting the arctic wind which would greet me. My first shopping spree sadly didn't involve a new pair of Manolo's, instead it was a haul for an umbrella, scarf and hat. However, and not down to foresight, I did have a pair of gloves in my bag so I was sort of prepared!

My first night consisted of drinks in the hotel bar and chatting to the other visitors, some of whom had travelled to Madison Square Gardens for a dog show. They, and all their dogs, were staying in the hotel on 7th Avenue, making it pretty much a hotel for dogs.

The next morning I woke up at the ungodly hour of 5am, thanks to the time difference and my body clocks inability to adjust, so there was only one thing for it. Starbucks. I was surprised at how many other people were ordering caffeinated drinks at such an early hour-probably, like me, trying to store up on caffeine to see them through the rest of the day.

A little later on, and after wrapping up and wearing the majority of the clothes I had packed to keep warm, I went for a stroll (I'm not sure if that is the right word as it turned out to be an epic trek around the city!)

When visiting New York in the past, I fell in love with Greenwich Village, the Brownstones and tree lined streets are just so pretty and of course, there is the whole Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City vibe on those pavements.

Monday morning was spent walking around the village, popping in to shops and stopping off for hot drinks to help regulate my temperature and ensure I didn't get frostbite.

{Of course I had to pop into Magnolia Bakery, no SATC fan couldn't.}

After a few hours of wandering the icy paths in the village, I made my way back to my hotel, along 5th Avenue, to rest my weary feet before starting all over again. 

In the afternoon, I headed north and went to the public library and Grand Central Station, stopping off in Bryant Park to watch the ice skaters and warm up with yet more tea.

Tuesday was of course Valentine's Day. This year was the first in many that I haven't had anyone to give tokens of love to and I was so glad to be away from home and have a whole city to explore...rather than having yet another Bridget Jones moment with a bottle of red and 'All by Myself' on repeat.

I spent the day wandering around Central Park, snapping pictures of the beautiful snow covered grass and frozen lakes.


A sculpture of Romeo and Juliet, seemed only right to snap a picture of them on a day for lovers. 

Adding to my movie moments, I stopped into Tiffany & Co and can completely understand why Holly Golightly found it to be her happy place. The beauty of diamonds and precious stones, sparkling under perfectly positioned lights is enough to get any girl's heart fluttering. Many of the customers that morning were men, stopping in to pick up a last minute gift for their Valentine, some carrying large bunches of flowers, others looking aimlessly at all the pretty things, probably trying to find something that would seal the deal but not break the bank. 

My final morning took me up the Empire State building, from where I could see the whole city and capture the urban beauty of sky scrapers and amazing architecture. 

The day before I visited the Empire State building, I received a message from one of my followers on Instagram, asking for a favour-to capture a moment which would she could surprise her husband with-a small, yet meaningful token of love. My brief was to make a small sign, take a photo from a landmark in New York and send it to her-New York being the place that they eloped to a few years previous. How could I not help to keep love alive. So armed with a handwritten sign, I battled the wind 86 floors up and took a photo to send back to the UK. 

I left New York with a sense of motivation to do more of the things which made me happy; to focus on all the good which is around me and to know that I can do many things-including flying half way around the world by myself. I don't plan on doing anything quite as drastic in the coming months, but I certainly plan on using the time I have to do all the things which bring a sense of contentment with myself and the new path my life is now on.  Maybe one day I will receive that proposal on London Bridge, or fall in a muddy puddle and be rescued by the love of my life, but if not, I'm happy to call action on whatever fun times lay ahead. 

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you again! You have such a kind heart! And your blog is ��������
    Isn't New York the best place ever? Such a brave lady travelling there solo!
    Can't wait to see your future adventures where ever they may be! X