Friday, 27 January 2017


When everything crumbles down, it's the perfect opportunity to build everything again, but just bigger and better.

And that is my plan for this year, starting with the {massive} job of finding a house to buy. When you live in London, this is no easy task-unless you happen to be sitting on a huge pot of gold, or are prepared to buy  somewhere which hasn't seen a lick of paint in 30 years. Sadly, I haven't got a leprechaun stashed away anywhere, so my only option is to look at 'homes with potential'.

However, seeing that potential can be extremely difficult, especially when going for a viewing and every room you go in has someone asleep in bed...at 2:30 in the afternoon! Needless to say, that was the strangest viewing I have had to date; organised by Easy Properties, pretty much like the airline, it was all do-it-yourself. Whilst I was more than happy for the home owner to show me around the property-it has its benefits- I could ask about the boiler and neighbours and all the things you are advised to ask when you Google, what to ask on a viewing, I didn't expect his extended family to be dozing in bed when I arrived.

The house did have some nice features, arched alcoves and an extended kitchen (although it all needed to be taken out and done to my taste-but I expected no less) and a loft with the possibility of extending into. However, it was quite difficult to get into the rooms and have a good old nosy round, and channel my inner Kirsty Allsop, with the man's grandmother in bed! I was reassured that when the house was sold, the tenants would leave {thankfully, as I am pretty opposed to the idea of taking on three new tenants!}

With further viewings lined up over the next few weeks, I am optimistic that I will eventually find a little diamond in the rough...even if it is very, very rough. I do love a project.

The search is on!


  1. Oh good luck with it sweetie, house hunting in London is a nightmare! I would love to move back down there as it's where I grew up but we just couldn't afford the family home we want! Xx

    1. Thank you, it is so difficult to find somewhere that doesn't cost the earth and would mean I would have to lie off of baked beans forever! Although, saying that, I think I may have found somewhere and am thinking of putting an offer in. It needs A LOT of work doing to it, but at least then I can make it my own. Watch this space! x