Monday, 17 October 2016


Taking advantage of the last of the summer sunshine over the weekend, we bundled into the car and headed off to Hampstead. Having a toddler, it feels as though we spend most of our spare time in one park of another. Poppy is still to master a concentration level which surpasses 20 seconds so it makes sitting in any one spot, for long, quite a feat. Having a coffee is not so much a relaxing experience as it is a test of patience. So we tend to opt for coffee on the go and let her run free. 

This weekend, the park of choice was Golders Hill; Poppy had a great time finding autumnal treasure, collecting acorns, conkers and pinecones. We also spent time looking at the array of animals that live in the park zoo, before finding the play area-by far the best bit for a 2 year old. 

Shoes and socks came off and into the sandpit she jumped; I love how brave and fearless she is. She was up the climbing frame and walking along ropes to the 'weeeeee' {aka the slide}, without any hesitation. 

Dusting off the sand, which always ends up everywhere, we wandered around for a little while longer before having some lunch and making our way home. I love our little adventures each are a few pictures of our afternoon in the park.

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