Monday, 17 October 2016


Last week I received an invite to a friend's baby shower {I must remember to RSVP} and rather than a gift list, there was just a little slip of paper to write a top tip for the expectant mum.
This got me thinking; what would my best bit of advice be?
The more I thought, the more I came up with, starting even before you've made it to the hospital;  when you think you have packed enough pairs of knickers in your hospital bag, pack some more. I ended up having to send Warren to buy me some more, with the instruction to get 'big knickers' i.e. this isn't the time to think sexy, get me something comfy...he came back with knickers big enough to rival Bridget's any day of the week!

With hindsight, I wish I had given my partner more specific instructions with regards to taking photos after Poppy was born. I have one photo, taking in the 'mood lighting' of the birthing suite, with Poppy poop down my nighty, sitting on a stool, probably still trying to deliver the placenta, {My midwife was adamant that I should do it naturally-I just wanted an injection; demand the injection to make that sucker come out asap!} Obviously I have more photos taken after Poppy was born and we were both cleaned up, but that moment where she first entered the world is documented in an all too authentic manner.

Be prepared for piles. Piles of laundry. Piles of nappies. Piles of piles; I really wasn't prepared for them. I thought I had escaped without any stitches and before long order would be restored. Oh no, no, no. They reared their ugly head the following day, just because pushing out a tiny human it isn't painful enough.

I'd also add to the list, buy Infacol by the bucket load. 7pm-11pm were the witching hours in my house. Then as if my magic, with a little bit of Infacol, the dreaded night shift was so much easier.

Do pelvic floor exercises; I dread sneezing, especially the ones which catch you off guard. I say a little prayer and cross my legs, just to take extra precautions against any mishaps.

I had grand plans for my maternity leave; I was going to do all the things I never had time to do-all those DIY projects, clear out cupboards which haven't been opened for a verrrrry long time, learn a new skill, make time for my hobbies, all of those kind of things.
I still didn't have time to do them. In fact, I worried how I was every going to fit in everything I used to do before being on maternity leave {e.g. work}.

But if I had to pick one piece of advice to give any new mum, it would be to do what works best for you. I stressed when we weren't in a routine; I worried that she might not latch on again if I dared to give her a bottle every now and again, and feared that one, or both of us, would roll over and squash her if I put her in bed with us. She survived.

I learned to do what was best for us and it worked.  And I am still learning what to do, and not to do! My most recent lesson learnt is, having cuddly toys in bed with Poppy, when she isn't feeling well, will only end in one way-rinsing everything off in the shower at 11:30 at night and putting a load of wash on.

Now to send my RSVP...until next time.

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